Stay Informed


If we have a returning camper don’t worry they can go to advanced topics with their own second level instructor

This camp is intended for 10 year olds with some exception for really attentive 9 year olds and up.

Drop off is at 8 am, pick up no later than 5 pm.

Lunch will not be provided

Session One

Day one

  • The class will start on Monday with a fun printing task to design and build something small from scratch using Fusion360. We will discuss how a 3D printer works and show the parts of a 3D printer.

  • Next, we will design a 3D car build that is big enough to fit our R/C cars.

  •  We will talk about safety and rules for the next days, safety updates will be made throughout the day periodically while we do any of the lab sessions and during orientation

  • We will end the day looking at various robot videos and applications for automation.


Day two

  • The theme is basic circuits, we will talk about volts, amps and power, resistance and capacitance. We will build different breadboard circuits building up on base concepts onto advanced circuits.

  • We will end the day with a challenge and watch some videos throughout the day about electronics history and future electronics.


Day three

  • Advanced circuits and electronics will take us through micro-controllers, microchips and miniature motherboards.

Day four

  • We will build the car and start on the coding aspects of making the car move so we will be talking about robotics and automation.

  • We will program the car to go around the yard at a reasonable speed.

  • We will watch car automation videos and have a little homework to design a robot on paper that can handle a task and talk about what it will need to be able to do and how you would build it.


Day five

  • Demonstrate your designed robot concept. 

  • We will write a program to control the cars using a mobile phone, either iOS or Android depending on computers available. 

  • We will start by writing a program to connect to the car through Bluetooth and do basic forward, backward, left and right button actions. I will review each car code and add a little preventive code to it to ensure there are no mishaps.



  • Safety and Instructions

  • Electricity and Electronics

  • Swift and Python

  • 3D Printing

Cliff Notes

  • Monday to Friday 8-5pm

  • Bring your own lunch

  • Ideal for 12-18 year olds

  • Advanced topics for returning campers